segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Dica de Hoje - Sen Dog Presents Fat Joints Volume 1

Ae Galera pra quem curti Cypress Hill, Tae o Solo do Sen Dog!!!!

1.The Sicko
2.Shut The F$ck Up - (with B Real)
3.Get Ya Money Right - (with Mellow Man Ace)
4.What What - (with The Reyes Bros.)
5.Head Trip
6.What Cha Clamin' - (with Rhyme Poetic Mafia)
7.Nigga With A Badge - (with Guic-1)
8.Aztlan - (with Aztek)
9.Been Thru So Much - (with O. Brown/Candice Francix)
10.Get Respect - (with The Reyes Bros.)
11.Break Em Up Homeboy
12.Deadly - (featuring Revilo/Shag/Jel)
13.Only Life I Know - (with B Real)
14.Tha Coalition - (with Frank Black, featuring Guic-1/Sen Dog)
15.Fools Like Us - (with Cynical)


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